Pierre-Michel Sivadier 

pianist, composer, singer and songwriter




> CD available Rue Francoeur

" Penetrating songs by Pierre-Michel Sivadier. Half-heartedly, they hustle as Chet Baker would. With a gentle touch, they sound right, far from superfluous things. In the tactile smoothness of voices and insisting emotions. Exactly what you like to hear from today and tomorrow songwriters : may they never leave you." Alex Dutilh

" Poetic texts with rich and sensuous melodies,...classical intensity with sheer rhythmic innovation,...charismatic and expressive singing "

> Illusion


> Jane Birkin and Pierre-Michel Sivadier in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkey). October 2011.



> Christian Vander's CD tribute to John Coltrane


A song by Pierre-Michel Coltrane à l'Instant



> Mélodies polyphoniques  scores for choir and vocal groups



> Le Coeur à l'envers

by Stella Vander and Pierre-Michel Sivadier






> Regarde Carmen

> Bizet' famous opera arranged in a jazz mood by Pierre-Michel Sivadier



Si La Guerre Eclate

featuring Simon Goubert, Magik Malik,

Stella Vander and Misko M'Ba