Pierre-Michel Sivadier

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> Illusion


> Previous songs album RUE FRANCOEUR

" Penetrating songs by Pierre-Michel Sivadier. Half-heartedly, they hustle as Chet Baker would. With a gentle touch, they sound right, far from superfluous things. In the tactile smoothness of voices and insisting emotions. Exactly what you like to hear from today and tomorrow songwriters : may they never leave you."

" Poetic texts with rich and sensuous melodies,...classical intensity with sheer rhythmic innovation,...charismatic and expressive singing "


> A La Grâce de Toi by Jane Birkin and Pierre-Michel Sivadier




Available on April 26th

Ex-tension - Seventh records


Pierre-Michel Sivadier is releasing his third album of songs entitled "Si" ( “If” ), an optimistic title that invites to a journey: “If you open the book and read, if you find yourself curious…”

On this album, the ‘Rimbaldian lives’ and the ‘disorders and the flesh’ meet, and the daring cover of ‘La nuit je mens’ (‘Nighttime Lies’) rubs shoulders with a captivating piece composed with Jane Birkin.

Pierre-Michel Sivadier, singer and pianist, delivers an album replete with poetry, jangly guitars, and Eastern percussions, supported by the Franco-Portuguese singer Bévinda and Awa Timbo from Mali.

A collection of songs where music is essential, an album where words and voices transport us far, far away.


> Regarde Carmen

Bizet' famous opera arranged in a jazz mood by Pierre-Michel Sivadier